365 Days Outside > 181-187

Day 181
Daddy took the kids for a bike ride to the park today so I could finish reading The Maze Runner. Flynn always gets so excited when we take out the bike trailer.

Day 182
Today we started cleaning out the area below our deck. Our plan is to put in a sand pit, some swings, and possibly a slide. The kids found a bag of gravel to play with while Dad and I pulled weeds. And I found a really pretty rock crystal.

Day 183
The kids went to play with their cousins today while Shaun and I had a little rock climbing date. It was a really nice date, we had fun climbing and then had some yummy pizza downtown. My arms were SO sore in the morning.

Day 184
We met up with our cousins again today for a family bike ride. We really like family bike rides! The trails were so pretty, and the weather wasn’t too hot which was nice.

Day 185
I brought the kids to the library after work. The children’s section at our library is pretty awesome, there are so many fun things to play with. We got lots of fun books, including this one which I’m excited about!

Day 186
Oh beach, how we have missed you! And today was the perfect day to rekindle our love. We had fun experimenting with different beach toys in the splash park. The sand sifter thing was especially great. Even after 2 hours of splashing the kids still didn’t want to go home.

Day 187
We found this “Texture Hunt” idea on Pinterest today, and it was the perfect way to spend some time outside before dinner. We found lots of textures to rub, including the sidewalk, our mailbox, a tree and the back of Daddy’s truck.