Strawberry Dress

I got to do some sewing this weekend! It felt good to blow the dust off my machine and make some pretty things. I bought this fabric at a yard sale a few months ago. After sewing some new curtains for our kitchen window, I had enough leftover to sew a pretty new dress for my Juniper. Last time I tried to do some shirring, it did not work at all. So I was glad that it worked out so lovely this time. The dress is a bit big on her, which is fantastic because it will fit her for at least a couple of years.

Juniper has quite a collection of strawberry dresses at this point. When she was maybe a year old, her very favorite dress had strawberries all over it. She was so upset when that dress didn’t fit her anymore. Her Oma bought her a new strawberry dress for her birthday, and I found a couple other ones as well. Now, every time I see a strawberry dress I have to buy it. I think she has 6 or 7, and she loves them all.

I am in love with those big red buttons, and that cute little face.

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