{Outdoor Classroom} Giant Bubbles

In an effort to bring a little more structure to our 365 Days Outside challenge, I’ve started thinking of our backyard as more of a classroom. Once a week we make a trip to our local library for some fun books, and then plan an outside activity based on one of them. I LOVE the library. We often come up with a dozen books and I’ve got so many ideas for fun activities.

Our first book: Bubble Trouble by Margaret Mahy.

We read this book one night as a bedtime story, and the next day I asked Juniper if she wanted to make some bubbles that would be big enough to fit a person inside. She was VERY concerned because she didn’t want Flynn to fly away. I had to reassure her that no one was actually going to fly away before she agreed to our experiment. I wish I had filmed her face though when I told her what we were planning.

I found this Giant Bubble Kit tutorial via Pinterest. We didn’t have any of the supplies on hand, so we got a little creative and taped twisted pieces of wire to some sticks. (My husband was quite proud of our thrifty solution.) Design Dazzle’s tutorial gives great instructions, and her kit is so cute.

Juniper was amazed by our giant bubbles. She especially liked popping them, of course! Flynn on the other hand, was more interested in our big bowl of bubble solution. Give that boy a bowl of water and he’s set.

Our bubble solution was a little weak because I didn’t follow the directions. I was too excited to go turn on the computer and look up the measurements! But we’ll definitely be doing this again so next time I’ll get it right. I even made a mini-wand for Juniper so she could do it by herself.

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