A Drawing for Samantha

I finally got this drawing wrapped up the other day on my lunch break. This one is for Samantha, the winner of my first ever giveaway! I’m not usually very good at full-body shots, but I like the way this one turned out. The small size of the faces made it especially challenging. I’ve decided I really enjoy drawing daddy/daughter pictures. I’m a big fan of dads who love their kids! I tried to keep the background simple, so it didn’t take your eyes away from the people. Anyhow, I hope she loves it!

PS. I kept forgetting to scan this drawing at home, and our scanner at work is TERRIBLE I’ve learned. So today I got to look like an idiot, walking around the office looking for a spot with decent lighting to take a picture of the finished drawing. (Hence the not-so-terrific photo.) I settled on a spot of floor right in the middle of the hallway. I’m so awesome.

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