{Etsy Love} Glow in the Dark

For some reason today I’m finding myself slightly obsessed with the possibility of starting a collection of things that glow in the dark. I did when I was a kid. In fact, I had a bottle of glow in the dark nail polish, and I painted a bunch of random stuff throughout my room. You couldn’t tell until the light went out, and it amused me so much. I’m not sure why I started looking for glow in the dark items on Etsy, but here are a few of my favorites.

  1. This Glass Marble Galaxy Necklace is so beautiful. I would just stand in the closet and stare at it all day. It’s probably best that I don’t buy it, or I may never work again.
  2. Hey! Listen! These glow in the dark Navi Earrings are awesome. (And quiet, thank goodness.)
  3. I need these Solar System Leggings. I would wear them all the time. (These ones are pretty amazing too!) How long til my birthday??
  4. This Personalized Print is lovely and I think Juniper would love it.
  5. Is this Moonlight Wall Sticker not the coolest thing ever?? I don’t even know where I would stick it, but I want one for our house. It would be cool in a play room or something.
  6. Unicorn Horn Earrings. Enough said.
  7. I love these Hanging Air Plant Globes. It would be so pretty to hang a whole lot of them from a big tree at an outdoor party.
  8. This Magic Glowing Sand Necklace would also just be stared at for ridiculous amounts of time if I were to wear it to work.

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