The Comedian

The other night I was washing my face and Juniper exclaimed “Mommy! You look like a moose! You have polka dots on yours nose!” I was laughing so hard! You never know what that girl is going to say… A while back I bought a notebook with the sole purpose of writing down all of the funny things she comes up with, but I’ve only actually written down one thing. I need to get on that. But just so I don’t forget any, here are a few of my recent favorites:
“Mommy, why do we have to brush my hair to go to the park?”
“That way you’ll be nice and clean and people won’t look at me like I’m a bad Mommy.”
“Mommy! That’s unpossible!”

“Piper’s Daddy??? I don’t like him… He’s too fluffery.”

We were sitting on the deck looking at the pretty clouds. I mentioned that they looked like Heaven, and Juniper exclaimed “Oh Mommy! Maybe Jesus can come down and kill all of the bugs for us!”

“B B B Bed! B B B Banana! B B B Books! B B B Towel!” (Also, we were in church, she was writing Bs on her paper and she said quite loudly “B B B Butt!!”)

Juniper and I were playing in her room and I wanted to show something to Shaun, so I called his name but he didn’t hear me. Juniper yelled “DADDY! MOMMY NEEDS A TISS!!” (That’s how she says ‘kiss’.) That sure got his attention!

“You’re not a girl. You’re a MOMMY.”

According to Juniper, instead of things being ‘pretend’, things are ‘practice’. We don’t pretend to eat the play food, we practice eating the play food. And yesterday when the leaves were falling from our tree, she said “Look at the leaves Mommy, they are practice snowing!”

3 thoughts on “The Comedian

    • I have a mental list of all the quotes I need to write down, and I've got a few on random slips of paper. I still need to sit down and do it! And the notebook came in a pack of 3 in coordinating colors, so when Flynn finally starts talking (If he EVER starts talking sheesh) he'll get one too. (AND if we have another kid, they'll be set as well!)