365 Days Outside > 188-194

Day 188
Today we blew giant bubbles in the back yard and afterwards the kids played in a giant bowl of bubble soap! I think they had more fun splashing around than blowing bubbles.

Day 189
We went for a family bike ride today. We decided to bike down to the trail instead of drive. It’s 2 miles there and we biked a mile down the trail, so in all it was about 6 miles. We were pretty tired when we got home!

Day 190
Geocaching! If you’ve never been, you need to try it. We found one that was only a half mile from our house, so we biked over and found it. Juniper is really into treasure maps right now, so she love it. Flynn had other plans, as usual.

Day 191
Juniper wanted to do the giant bubbles again, so I made a miniature wand just for her. IT was a lot easier for her to handle than the big one. The bubble soap wasn’t so great though, since most of had spilled. I’ll have to make some more sometime!

Day 192
Juniper was staying at her Oma’s house tonight, and Daddy went rock climbing with his friend so it was just me and Mr. Flynn. We played on the deck with a bucket of water, which quickly turned into a bucket of mud.

Day 193
I mentioned to my friend at work that I was super excited that my sister was mailing me some geodes, and he brought me a whole bag of them! He said he has buckets full at home. So today we smashed them open and looked at all of the pretty insides.

Day 194
I didn’t think we would make it outside today, there was just so much to do. When Juniper and I got to the store to pick up some paper, there were HUNDREDS of birds flying around. So I let Juniper sit on the roof of the car and watch them fly. It was an amazing sight.