Ten Easy Outside Activities

It’s no secret that we love going outside. But I can remember a day, not so long ago, that it wasn’t that important to us. Sure, we got out of the house from time to time. But it always seemed like such a hassle. Like something that needed to be planned and prepared for. Where are we going? What are we going to do? Since we’ve started going outside everyday, most days anyhow, I’ve learned that the important thing isn’t WHAT you’ll be doing, it’s just that you got out there! I really enjoy watching our kids explore the world. I think people should get outside and connect with the earth more often. It’s a pretty amazing thing, this planet.

I thought I’d put together a list of quick and easy outdoor activities that don’t take any planning or much effort at all. These are some of our favorite things to do. When we’re not having some sort of elaborate adventure that is, because we are amazing like that. Yup.

That last picture seriously cracks me up. She fell asleep waiting for me to get back from a quick bike trip around the block. Apparently it wasn’t quick enough!