Adventures in Watercolor

A while back Shaun and I were talking about my craft room, and his opinion was that it was nice that there wasn’t much more I could become obsessed with by means of creative projects. Well, I found something. Watercolor! Luckily, it doesn’t involve a whole lot of supplies. Just some paper, a bit of paint and a few brushes. Not like when I got it in my head to try out screen printing…

My first project was this silhouette I made for my sister. And then I made another one, a bit differently, for Chelsea. Needless to say, I’ve decided I really like silhouettes. They are such a challenge, because even the slightest curve difference will make it not look like the subject at all. It took me forever to create these silhouettes of Flynn and Juniper the other night.

Watercolor Silhouette

I bought some masking fluid the other day because I had a great idea on how to make painting silhouettes a little more fun. (I know Shaun, just another creative purchase. But this bottle will last forever!!) As it turns out, masking fluid STINKS. Phew. But it’s fun to play with. The paintings are not finished yet, but I am excited to see how they turn out!