Auntie Gramma is the Crazy Aunt

A few months ago my Aunt Cindy asked me to print her up a little sign that read “I’m the crazy aunt people told you about.” And it sat in my inbox for months and months before I finally did something with it! She got it in the mail this week so I can actually share it. I had fun picking out the perfect buttons from my box of buttons. (I have an insane amount of buttons by the way.) And I just love those faux woodgrain embroidery hoops! I bought a handful of them and I can’t wait to find the perfect project for each one.

I didn’t get very good photos of all of my handmade Christmas gifts this year, because I was super determined to finished them up and ship them off on time. (Which NEVER happens, but it did this year!) I’ll be sharing them on here as people receive them, just because I like having these things documented. You know, for posterity or something.

One thought on “Auntie Gramma is the Crazy Aunt

  1. I did mention that I LOVE IT!



    (Insane amount of buttons? You know where you got THAT one, eh?)