Friday was an absolutely beautiful day. It was 61° and sunny. (Which was super nice because I was awesome and locked my keys (and phone) in the car while at the post office. I enjoyed the 1.5 mile walk back to work though.) So imagine our surprise when Saturday evening it started snowing! Talk about a flip! Juniper was so excited, and kept giggling “The snow came back!” Sunday we played outside and enjoyed the freezing cold day for as long as I could stand it. The kids would have stayed out there all day if they could! Oh it was so cold. I just love that there are icicles EVERYWHERE.

On Saturday morning went to the library and Juniper picked out this book. We’ll be making our very first ever cake pops sometime soon. We also put my new craft books to some use! LOVE THEM. I’ll share our cute projects on here soon. Oh Monday, why did you have to come so soon.

2 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. Sheesh I have a hard time just taking my dogs outside to potty in this cold weather! I agree, the icicles are pretty though! Am I the only one terrified of a giant one possibly falling on my head and killing me instantly? Why must I be so morbid?

    • I definitely had that thought when I ran by the store yesterday! There was a huge icicle right above their door and I was all “I should knock that down somehow, probably save a life.” haha!