The Comedian

“No! I don’t want to go to bed! I’ll go to bed in a couple of weeks!”

“Look Mom, it looks like a 6 and when you put it upside down, it looks like a 9!”

“Hang on! I’m trying to get mine tongue in mine nose!!”

I had just finished cleaning the kitchen and Juniper walked in, and with wide eyes exclaimed, “What IS this BEAUTIFUL place?!”

After finding something for me – “I’m a rescuer! Flower Power cause I’m a hero! Flower Power is just so great! I love heroes!! Flower Power wins all the times! Sharing hats is so nice! I’m a princess! I won!!!!!!!!!!” (All while running around the kitchen and dancing in circles.)

Shaun – “Hey Juniper, what did the salad say when you opened the refrigerator door?”
Juniper – (all matter of fact.) “Nothing Daddy, food can’t talk.”

She came into the kitchen crying, “I hurt myself… and sometimes, potatoes are really good.”

“I love Daddy, and you, and Santa, and Dora! I love all the people!”

She called me at work and said “Mommy, sometimes… I just love you.”

“I want to tell you a joke. Why do people wear pajamas to bed?”
“Because… they lay down on their pillows and hug their puppies and go to sleep.”

“But Flynn likes it when I jump on his belly!”

After a visit from Uncle Russ – “Mommy, I love your brother. But just a little bit.”

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