{14 Days of Love} Day 1 – Project Run & Play

I’m maybe a little bit too excited about this whole mini blog series. Just having two straight weeks of blog posts scheduled and ready to go is kind of incredible by itself. And the fact that this week’s Project Run and Play theme is Valentine’s Day gave me a perfect post to start off with!

When Juniper was itty bitty, I bought this shirt at the thrift store because I loved the fabric and I wanted to make her something from it. Can you believe it never really crossed my mind to just SAVE the shirt because someday she would ACTUALLY be that big? I guess my new-mama-mind just thought she’d be a baby forever. *sigh* As you can see… I apparently only needed a small piece, (I don’t even remember what I made.) so now I have this adorable shirt with a huge bite out of it.

Solution: Chop it up, add a skirt and call it good.

(Can you spot the sneaky Flynn? He really wanted to be in the pictures!)

I have been wanting to try a scalloped skirt for a long time. I just love how that hemline looks. Tricky for sure, but adorable. In fact, I started sewing a red circle skirt with a scalloped hem but it just didn’t work out and I decided I wasn’t a fan of the color anyway! In the end I used this tutorial. I had fun ‘doodle stitching’ the hem, and the little hearts I made with some dark t-shirt iron on material and a tiny heart paper punch.

The only things I love more than the hem, are these belt loops. Seriously, I want a dress with big heart shaped belt loops. Juniper loves her new dress, which is always a plus. She wore it all day yesterday. (I took these pictures before I left for work. I was late. As usual..) When I got home from work, Shaun told me that he thought this was the cutest dress I have ever sewn for Juniper. He said throughout the day he would look over at her and think “Gosh, that dress sure is cute on her.” And coming from a man whose opinion on my sewing is usually “That’s nice”, this compliment totally made my night.

Tomorrow I’m going to share our Valentine’s Day “Advent Calendar”. I feel weird calling it an Advent calendar because it’s not Christmas.. BUT there are paper hearts and chocolate involved so no one is complaining! I think every holiday should get an Advent Calendar.

4 thoughts on “{14 Days of Love} Day 1 – Project Run & Play

  1. That is a cute little dress! I love the stitching on the scallops, and the tiny hearts you added. Very cute!

  2. love it! so cute and I love the repurposing. The scallop totally gives it an extra special look….oh and in the first pic, i thought you had triplets! :)