January via Instagram

We are off to a good start with 2013! We’ve had sick days, fun days, snow days, super warm days, uneventful days and exciting days. Overall it has been a great month. I successfully hosted my first craft night in our new home (Can I still call it our new home when we’ve lived here over a year? It still feels new.) and we discovered the wonder of Shrinky Dinks.

February is going to be exciting. On Saturday I’m hosting a baby shower and I can’t wait to decorate my house. And tomorrow I’m starting a mini blog series called “14 Days of Love”, where every day I’ll post something lovey dovey related until Valentine’s Day. I’ve got some recipes, crafty DIYs and gift ideas ready to go, and a few other random posts. You really don’t know how much entertainment I’ve gotten out of preparing these posts, I hope you enjoy them!