Two New Mini Paintings

Mini watercolor painting

I didn’t realize that mini paintings would be such a popular Valentine’s Day gift idea. Maybe next year I should market them as such. They are tiny and cute. I like painting them. Want one?

Last week a friend at work had me do a painting of his adorable wife. While he was showing me pictures of her, he was all “she’s such a cutie.” and I was all “Ya’ll are so cute.” True story.

And then on Tuesday night I got an email from the adorable Fel from Fel’s Got Swag, asking if I could do a mini painting of her and her boyfriend for Valentine’s Day. I miraculously was able to pull it off! I got this cute painting done in record time. I had it finished by Valentine’s Day and I mailed it off yesterday. I hope to paint more couples in the future, I love how this one turned out.

Mini watercolor painting

And just to give you an idea of just how tiny these paintings are. Aren’t they cute? I love tiny things.

2 thoughts on “Two New Mini Paintings

  1. I love the mini painting! Willi totally surprised me with it( such a sweetie). I love your watercolor style.