{14 Days of Love} Day 14 – Happy Day

See? I told you. Queen of Procrastination. I had these guys cut out for a week, and I was planning on posting them with a pattern/tutorial. Instead I ended up sewing them together real quick this morning before running out the door for work. I figured I was already an hour late, what’s an extra 20 minutes? I embroidered their faces and stuffed them on my lunch break. I’ll be surprising the kids with these when I get home, along with some balloons and cookies. I can’t wait to see their excited giggles. They’re so cute.

Speaking of them being ridiculously cute, check out my cubicle decor. I recently moved my cubicle over to a newer one that wasn’t being used. (I can see a window now! It’s over there –> ) I love these pictures, they make me happy. They also make me wish I didn’t have to work all the time and I could just go home and snuggle with my babies. *sigh* Back to work I suppose. Happy Valentine’s Day though!