The Comedian

“Do you love any people?”
“Just one of them.”
“Which one?”

“Let’s make a beautiful tower! Me and Flynn right here and you can be on the top. Like a trophy!” (She basically wanted me to sit on them haha)

“Knock Knock”
“Whose there”
“Cheeky who?”
“That’s a joke?! I did it! I told a joke!!!”

“I love you! Was that a joke? I want you to draw that on your phone.”

“When I was little I spoke Spanish, not real words Daddy. Spanish.”

“I’m a rainbow cake maker cause I love Daddy!” (Super random.)

“Well, sometimes I want to not listen. It’s just the way it works.”

“Thank you so much for helping me clean the kitchen Mommy.”
(After helping me scrub the kitchen floor and wipe down all the cabinets)

Juniper is getting to where she is using a lot of bigger words that she can’t quite pronounce. Like Mushrello (marshmallow) and Cutemumber (cucumber). But I think the funniest one is the word “directions” because she leaves off the “D”. So while she sings songs about “following the irections” I can’t help but laugh. We’re working on fixing that one haha

4 thoughts on “The Comedian

  1. I like to follow erections too lol. She is so cute. Piper talks about her daily and will be excited to see her this summer. How long are you staying? Is Shaun comming too? Id like to go camping for a bit so I can spend every second with you guys lol

    • Aww Piper is so cute, Juniper misses her too. We’ll be coming at the end of August and probably staying for a week and a couple days so we can go to the reunion and Anna’s wedding.