Painting Buddies

I have the cutest painting buddy. Anytime I break out the paints, little miss Juniper is right at my side asking if she can paint with me, and I love it! She likes to draw pictures of her family, with “CRAZY HAIR”. Speaking of crazy hair… Juniper’s hair is out of control. Her bangs are SO long! She won’t let me cut them though, she says “when they’re long I can go PEEK-A-BOO!!!” How can I take that away from her? Haha!

Juniper has been working on these gems for the past couple of nights. She thought it would be hilarious if Daddy had four arms. I’m not sure why I’m all squiggly, and Flynn’s enormous hand cracks me up. In fact, I think Flynn is my favorite of this bunch. He’s just so cute and tiny. (Except for his hand! haha!)

She wanted me to cut them all out so we could glue them to pretty paper. She’s got the whole thing planned out, and everything must be just so. I have my own plans too, which include spray painting a ton of picture frames this weekend. It’s going to be awesome.

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