Gallery Wall

I had a very productive weekend! I made swings, cleaned my art room (which Juniper promptly UNcleaned for me…), finally beat Zelda: Ocarina of Time, planted more things in our garden, helped mow the lawn, went grocery shopping and spray painted a ton of picture frames!

I’ve been wanting to do a gallery wall in our dining room for pretty much ever. I’ve been hoarding frames in my art room closet since we bought the house. On Saturday I bought some spray paint and went to town. I’m actually kind of surprised that these are already on the wall. Traditionally projects like these are left undone for months! Of course, I can’t really talk yet… Half the frames are still missing pictures!! (Tee! Look! I finally hung up the family tree frame you gave me!)

And if you look down at the bottom frame you’ll see my latest watercolor, a painting just for ME!

This is the first painting I’ve done for me to keep, and I couldn’t love it more. Those kids are just so cute. I love them. I decided to cut it into a circle and add some pretty paper behind it, but it looks so neat in the floating frame, I’m just going to leave it like this.

You can also see Juniper’s AWESOME painting up in that top frame, but I still need to take a good picture of that! I would love to fill all of the frames on this wall with artwork of our family, in all different styles. (I LOVE these and these and these. Heck I’ll just have to devote a post to all the artists I love.)

Any artists out there willing to do a trade?

2 thoughts on “Gallery Wall

  1. I think that you should put that picture that Tesha drew
    of your family before Flynn had been announced up there too.

    • Back when his name was Otis? haha! That picture cracks me up. It’s in a scrap book I think, but I should totally make a copy of it for a frame!