The Great Wallpaper Fiasco of 2015


I had lots of plans this weekend. I have three embroidery hoops I still need to finish, and 4 illustrations. I also wanted to straighten up my craft room since it got a little disheveled while I was looking for things I needed to pack for our CT trip. BUT none of those things happened. Instead, I now have a complete disaster of an art room and lots of spontaneous redecorating plans.

It all started with my giant desk.

We had some company over. Shaun’s college roommate was in town with his daughter for a basketball tournament. While I was straightening up the room on Saturday morning, I thought “hey, you two big strong men can finally move my giant table for me!” I wanted to move it across the room, up against the far wall. So I started clearing out that corner of the room. Then I decided I should probably tear down the hideous wallpaper on that wall. Something I’ve been meaning to do since we bought the house. So we spent most of Saturday and Sunday tearing down wallpaper. Then I decided I should also probably paint the wall before we moved the desk. So I grabbed a random gallon of gray paint we had in the garage and gave it a couple of coats.

So now the desk is still where it was, there are piles of things being moved on every surface, the floor is covered with wallpaper shreds, and I’m debating whether or not to paint the rest of the walls. I really really want to, but I think I’ll wait until I have a little more money saved up for that sort of thing. I also super want to rip out the carpet in there, but THAT will definitely have to wait until the house is paid off. For now I just need to get this mess cleaned up so I can actually do some work in this little studio of mine. I’m taking this as an opportunity to get rid of all the random stuff I never use, and to just get the entire room generally more organized.

We had plenty of other fun this weekend as well. On Saturday, we all went to Oma’s house for dinner and blackberry picking. SO MANY BLACKBERRIES! We picked four gallons, and sent one bucket home with Lesley and Eden. I’ve been scheming up lots of yummy things to do with the remaining three. Besides just eating them all, which I’m definitely down with.