{14 Days of Love} Day 12 – Lovey Wall

This wall in our bedroom is a work in progress, and it always will be. This is where we stick silly love notes, pictures, and bits that remind us of fun times we have had together. It’s is a great big scrap book of sorts. It makes me happy with it’s randomness and sentimentality. Here are a few highlights:

  1. I actually made a little mini DIY for this framed t-shirt.
  2. This embroidery hoop is super cool! It might look completely random, but some of the lines are glow-in-the-dark embroidery thread and in the dark it says “I ♥ You”. I got the idea here.
  3. I love this sculpture that my sister gave us for our wedding, and that rose is from my bouquet.
  4. Our sealing certificate ♥
  5. This orange plastic thing is the reason we ended up together! Ok, maybe not. But before we started dating, Shaun was coming over to my apartment one Saturday and I had planned on ending everything. I was NOT looking for a relationship at the time. But when he got to my place, he whipped out these silly things that you shoot up into the air and they fly back to you, and we had SO much fun hanging out that I just couldn’t do it. That was actually the night he asked me to be his “secret girlfriend” and I said yes ♥
  6. This little yellow paper is the note that Shaun included when he gave me my half-pony half-monkey monster. And there are all of my tiny books!
  7. This is where I ended up hanging my photo heart banner.

2 thoughts on “{14 Days of Love} Day 12 – Lovey Wall

  1. Your pictures and videos on the Half Pony, Half Monkey post are not working.
    Where are the mountain climbers? They would be cool here.
    Just a thought.

    • Yeah… That would be because I deleted my Flickr account in a fit of rage this morning. So I’ve got about 2 months of posts that won’t have images for a while. I’ll get them fixed eventually.

      The mountain climbers are on our fridge! I should share pics of that “scrapbook” next haha!