Juniper’s Latest Paintings

Juniper and I have been doing quite a bit of painting this week. I’ll say “Here you sit and paint while I clean up the art room a bit”, but I almost always end up sitting and watching her work. She is just so dang entertaining. The other night I taught her how to use a straw to blow the watercolor around on the page and blew her mind. “You blow on the colors and they EXPLODE!! Like fireworks!! AHAHAAAAHAHA!”

Next week is Shaun’s birthday, and Juniper (as obsessed with birthday parties as she is) has decided to throw him a party. She painted this invitation last weekend. He’s holding his birthday cake above his head, which Juniper has decided is going to have white frosting and colorful sprinkles.

Shaun: “Whose party is this again?”
Juniper: “Yours Daddy, duh.”