Strawberry Days Fabric Preview


Once I decided to go for it and put some designs on Spoonflower, I MAY have gotten a bit obsessed with the idea… A couple of lunch breaks and an hour or two after work later, I’ve got a nice little collection done! Oh my goodness, so much fun! I can’t wait to order a yard of this and sew Juniper a new strawberry dress. Seeing them all laid out like this makes me want to sew her a quilt too! Which just makes me think of more ideas of coordinating fabric… (Seeing them all tiny up there has ALSO made it clear that I messed up the colors on the small ones! I just fixed it, but I’m too lazy to update this graphic.)

I’ve uploaded my designs to Spoonflower, but I need to order a proof of each one and approve it before I can offer it up for sale. If I had an extra $60 I’d order them all right now!! (They’re $5 per swatch.) I’ll have to pick a favorite or two to order first and we’ll go from there. Which one do you like best??

2 thoughts on “Strawberry Days Fabric Preview

  1. I’m fond of the middle one.
    You know, me & compromise. . .
    since I couldn’t decide,
    I took the middle road.

    • Juniper has decided she wants a dress with the small, medium AND large berries on the blue background.