365 Days Outside > 307-312

Day 307
Juniper has been doing REALLY well with bedtimes lately. (Which is SUCH a blessing, I was starting to lose my mind.) I bought these cute little bug houses as a surprise gift for her. The only bugs we could find though were rolly pollys, and they just curled up in balls and didn’t explore! We also found this super cool cicada wing.

Day 308
The theme of this post seems to be “let’s watch Juniper torment her brother.” He just loves all her lovin, can’t you tell?! Haha! Don’t worry he gets her back at bedtime and chases her around the house trying to kiss her. (She thinks his kisses are yucky and boogery. She’s right, HAHA!)

Day 309
Quite often when I get home from work the kids are waiting for me outside. I love how Flynn always runs up to the car and wants to jump in and ‘drive’. We play with rocks and enjoy a few minutes of sunshine before heading in. Our hibiscus plant is doing great!

Day 310
Flynn’s favorite thing to do these days is play with his fingers. He’ll make them walk around and jump on things, they even have conversations and dance parties. I think it’s the most adorable thing ever, I need to catch it on video. His favorite place to play this, is on the stone part of our garage. And sometimes he gets to do some climbing!

Day 311
The weather has been getting cooler lately, and since today was pretty warm I brought the kids to the beach. I just wanted to make sure we got at least one more beach day in before Fall! The water was SO chilly, but we had fun anyway! And since I was thinking of this as our last official Horrah of summer, we stopped at Andy’s Frozen Custard and brought home some goodies for everyone.

Day 312
Shaun brought the kids to the park this afternoon, and then spent the rest of the day at Oma’s house so I could get some cleaning done around the house. Cleaning without kids running around undoing all your work is the greatest! (Well, as ‘greatest’ as cleaning can be.)