Zelda Peg Dolls

I had this grand scheme for our road trip, I was going to make some fun little gifts for the kids and spread them out over the course of the trip. My head was full of ideas. As is always the case though, the day snuck up on me and I only found time to finish one of them! But the one I did finish turned out AWESOME!! Peg dolls! ZELDA PEG DOLLS. Yesssss. Awesome.

The perfectionist in me cringes when I look at these, and I almost photoshopped all the little imperfections. I figured “done” was better than “perfect”, and they were a HUGE hit. Flynn absolutely loves them. He’s at a stage right now where he loves playing with little toys and these entertained him for quite a while in the car. He kept making Link and Zelda smooch. I die. SO cute.

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I think I’d have to go with Sheik. She’s just too cool. Flynn obviously likes Link the best, always. He’s got a sword so that is pretty hard to beat. I had to include Beedle in the set because the kids think his obnoxious “THAAAAANK YOU!” is the funniest thing ever. (I’m often dubbed the shop owner when they play around the house, and the Beedle thanks makes them crack up every time!)

Juniper got a (very last minute) Tinkerbell set of peg dolls and I never actually took a good picture of them! She played with hers for quite a while in the car as well. I’m not sure what random piece of trash she had turned into a party hat for Rosetta, but all the fairies took turns wearing it!

I had plans to make some cool little play cases to go with these, but it didn’t happen. It will eventually… When I remember to sit down and do it! Maybe for next year’s Connecticut trip. (Sounds about right.)

Speaking of Connecticut (and Zelda), check out these fantastic dolls my mom made for the kids! That woman has crazy toy making skills. She can just whip out these dolls last minute like nothing. (She sent me home with something extra fun that I’ll share another day!)