A Painting for Tee


I am terrible. I’ve had this painting done for WEEKS and I haven’t mailed it off yet because I keep thinking I want to make some more little handmade goodies to go with it! (Tee won my giveaway a million years ago.) Next week I’m going to get into Crafty Bootcamp mode because there are several things I need to finish up and mail out before Halloween. (I get to sew another Link costume! For a good friend who has a son named Link. Coolest name ever!) As is typical of this time of year, I’ve also been brainstorming up all sorts of fun handmade Christmas gifts. Money is pretty tight this year… Thanks to a bunch of crazy big dental bills. (I have to go back AGAIN today. Lame.) Handmade goodies it is!

Anyhow… Isn’t this picture super cute!? I love it. (Please ignore the baby’s freakishly large hand! I was so disappointed when I messed that up.) I hope you LOVE it Tee, your nephew is the cutest.

I am going to mail this next week, I am going to mail this next week, I AM GOING TO MAIL THIS NEXT WEEK. This is my mantra for the weekend.

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