365 Days Outside > 333-337

Day 333
I am always super grateful when my husband takes photos during the day for me. I love seeing their daytime lives, which I miss while I’m at work. Today they played outside in the neighbor’s dirt pile (which is in our yard, haha) and checked the mail.

Day 334
The days are getting shorter for sure! I have a feeling many of our upcoming ‘outside photos’ will be looking a bit like this. Juniper is always dancing, and our garage light makes for the perfect stage.

Day 335
Playing with the rocks in our front yard has been a favorite since we bought our house. We like to draw shapes. Today I drew some peanuts on the ground with chalk so Flynn could trace the shape.

Day 336
It rained today, which usually means “yay we get to splash in puddles!” (the kids LOVE rainy days) But today it was a super chilly rainy day and it caught them off guard. Of course, that didn’t stop them from playing. They would both run outside, do some crazy dance moves, and then run back into the house to warm up before doing it again. Flynn is wearing his typical “no pants and jelly face” ensemble.

Day 337
Today was straight up COLD! We ran out for just a minute to grab some leaves for a small art project. (Joni posted this cute owl tutorial and Juniper loved it!)