Project Juniper USA – Updates & FAQ


First of all, WOW! I am so excited about all of the positive feedback and support I’ve gotten for my little big project! I have gotten so many emails and messages from people willing to help and I am just giddy about it. AND we’ve started getting a bunch of travel brochures in the mail! Every day I come home to a new state. I keep meaning to write a follow-up post (which I guess I’m doing right now.) but this week at work has been ridiculous. I have a million little projects that all need to be done right now. Funny story about that, my boss told me today that I’ve become famous after that conference and everyone wants me to work on their project. I love being busy! But seriously, I also love breathing. This week has been nuts.


So, on to the “follow up” part. I’ve gotten a lot of the same type of questions so I thought I’d add a little FAQ here, just so the answers are all in one place. And so I can feel even more organized, because it is so rare that I am! Seriously, it amazes me that I am this far ahead on this. Remind me to tell you about the art show I decided to enter. It’s this weekend. AH.

Q: What are you doing??
A: I’m putting together a bit of a “tour across America” for Juniper. (You can read more about it here) I’m preparing an envelope for each state, which will be filled with information about that state. Once or twice a week, we’ll give Juniper a new envelope and we’ll learn all about that state. We’re expecting this project to last a few months. (There are a lot of states!)

Q: When do you need the letter by?
A: Juniper’s birthday is in mid-December, so by then would be nice. BUT the letters will be placed inside the envelope for each state, so I don’t really NEED them right on her birthday. I can always just stick it in the envelope right before we give it to her. So whenever you have some free time to send something will be amazing!

Q: What should I send?
A: Anything will be greatly appreciated. Even if it’s just a quick note on a postcard. Just write a little bit about yourself, your family, and what it’s like living in your state. If you want to include a photo that would be awesome too, just so she can really make the connection that there are other people out there who live all over. (Also, if you want to send me some cookies, I won’t decline.)

Q: Do you have someone from my state?
A: Maybe, but feel free to send something anyway! We’ll be happy to have more than one letter from each state. The people living all over are just as unique as the different states themselves.

Q: I don’t live in America, but I can send a letter from my own country.
A: I guess that’s not really a question… But please do! After this project started coming together, I thought it would be fun to do a slightly different project about countries from around the world. Obviously we won’t be able to get letters from EVERY country, but we’ll take as many as we can get!

Q: Where do I send the letter?
A: If you would like to contribute, please either leave a comment below, or use the contact form on my blog, and I will get in touch with you with an address.

Once again, thank you all SO much for helping out with this project. Juniper will be absolutely thrilled. She really loves learning. Like a lot. And I love encouraging that love of hers. (Lots of love going on here) We’ll be putting together a big scrapbook throughout this project so she’ll always be able to look back and read your letters. It’s going to be awesome.

Now, I should probably head home before my husband thinks I’ve run off. I just didn’t want to let another day go by without typing this all up! Gotta stay on top of my game. If you’ve already contacted me about joining in, I’ll be answering a TON of emails tomorrow.