Painting Hearts


Juniper has a very detail oriented personality. Everything has to go EXACTLY how she pictures it in her head. If we are doing a project from a book, it needs to look just like the photo. You have to answer her questions exactly how she thinks you should. (That one is tricky. I’m not a mind reader!!!) I’m not going to lie, it can be really hard to deal with sometimes. It’s something we’re working on it.

One thing that especially bothers her is when her colors mix together while we’re painting. End. Of. The. World. So, we did some experimenting and learned about how colors mixing together can actually be REALLY cool. It was a fun, laid back night of painting random shapes and playing with different techniques. I like to think she got something out of it. Hopefully next time we’re painting, she won’t flip out if the yellow accidentally mixes with the pink. We’ll see.

As you can see, Flynn has NO problem with mixing colors! I love watching him work. He asked me to draw hearts for him to color. At first he stayed generally in the lines, but eventually his artistic expression consumed the entire page. I didn’t think that paper would ever dry!

painting2 painting3

Juniper decided she wanted to paint some Valentines for her very special friends. We started these WEEKS ago and she just finished them last night. I like to let her paint when she wants to paint. I don’t want to force it to meet deadlines. Needless to say, we missed the holiday. It’s all good. Hearts are for all year! I love how she decided to put glitter glue faces on the hearts. They made me laugh when I saw them drying on the table before I left for work. (I wasn’t there when she added them.)

Watercolors are definitely my favorite. I’m so glad the kids enjoy painting with me.