365 Days Outside > 338-343

Day 338
Today I taught the kids a new game, acorn racing! It all seemed like a great idea, but when we pulled the stick, only ONE acorn took off rolling! The kids just pushed the rest and all was well. Juniper found a tiny friend on one of the acorns. Meet “Cutie” the Inchworm. She made me take a picture so she could remember him.

Day 339
More acorn racing today. I had no idea this little game would be such a hit. Juniper (who was very upset that Cutie wasn’t wear she left him) raced acorns while Flynn tromped around in the back of the truck and played in the dirt.

Day 340
Today we joined some friends of ours on their homeschool field trip to the pumpkin patch. Such a fun place! The kids had a blast hanging out at the farm and feeding the goats.

Day 341
We played in the driveway for a bit after work today while we were waiting for our friends to come pick up Juniper and Shaun for the Daddy Daughter Camp Out. And you guessed it, raced some more acorns.

Day 342
The camp out was a success! Juniper had lots of fun sleeping in the tent and hiking in the morning.

Day 343
I found this scavenger hunt list via Pinterest, and apparently it was a big hit because when we were done Juniper decided to make her OWN list. I like her list better. Especially #10.