Halloween Costumes


Is anyone surprised at the kids Halloween costumes this year?? Obviously, Flynn needs to be Link. He still wears his costume ALL the time, and runs around the house singing the Zelda theme song while whacking stuff with his sword. Juniper often grabs random dress up clothes and says she’s ‘practice Princess Zelda’ so she can help Link ‘feet Ganon’. I’ve been meaning to sew her a real Zelda dress and Halloween is the perfect excuse.

When I mentioned this to Juniper however, she very matter-of-factly informed me that she would NOT be going as Zelda for Halloween. In fact, she refused to like the Zelda dress. That is, until I actually started sewing it. I would have her try it on at various stages of construction and she got more and more excited as it came together. I let her help me sew the skirt on, and when we flipped it, she flipped out. Then she pretty much refused to take it off. I’m glad she changed her mind, because it looks dang cute on her. And it came together pretty much exactly how I planned! (Love when that happens) I still need to sew on the sleeves, hem the skirt, and add all the fun gold accessories. I’m also going to make her some extra long, fleece mittens instead of buying fancy gloves. The fleece will be warmer than whatever dress up gloves I can find at the store. I’m also planning on buying her a toy bow to complete the outfit. Can’t forget the crown too. I’ve still got quite a bit of crafting to do for this one! I love sewing costumes.

Also, I should mention, the Link costume pictures here isn’t Flynn’s Link costume! I made a new one for my good friend who has a son named Link!! (Best name ever) He’s is Flynn’s doppelganger so it will be so fun to see him in his own costume. (I’m sad we don’t live near each other anymore..) I had fun sewing another shield. It really made me realize how old-looking Flynn’s is! It’s very… well-loved. I might buy Flynn a new foam sword for Halloween. His is sort of falling apart. Ok, a lot falling apart.

Speaking of mailing off Halloween costumes, I recently sold the kids costumes from last year. I was sort of sad to see them go, especially that Spike costume. I LOVED how that turned out. But I’m glad someone else’s kids will be able to use them this year. And I got lots of pictures so that will help in the nostalgia department. I just realized that last year the kids went as something Juniper loves, and this year it will be something Flynn loves. Seems fair.

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