{Kid’s Clothing Week} Day Four


I started sewing this dress for Juniper TWO YEARS AGO when we first moved to Missouri. I accidentally made it way too big so I never finished it! And by “finish it”, I really mean, sew the button on. (I LOVE that big blue button! It matches the polka dots perfectly. See Cindy, I DO match sometimes haha) The dress was still quite big on Juniper though, so I also added a few rows of shirring across the waist to give it more of a fitted look. I love love love how that turned out. And it makes me smile that she can finally wear this it.

Juniper is the funniest little model, she’s such a ham. If I can get ONE normal looking photo of her it would be a miracle. But I sort of prefer to have a million silly photos over one normal one, so I can remember how much of a doofus she was when she’s a super angsty serious teenager.

These pictures all look weird to me. Other than the obvious army of Juniper clones. I’m not used to taking photos at night, and the flash does weird things to the image. This time of year is so lame. I hate that it’s practically dark already when I get home from work.

One thought on “{Kid’s Clothing Week} Day Four

  1. There is that dress. Seriously, it is gorgeous. And so is she. I wish I could make clothes like that. I would be walking around with one arm near the head and one coming out the hip.