Halloween Costumes!


Behold! Our amazing Halloween costumes! Man oh man, we had maybe a little too much fun planning and making (and wearing!) our costumes this year. It’s too bad Ganondorf had to work and didn’t get to go trick-or-treating with us. Well, actually that might have ended up being a good thing, because Flynn would most likely have just wanted to duel him the whole time. No Ganondorf = a much more candy-gathering-focused Link. (The very first time Shaun tried on his Ganondorf hat, Flynn immediately ran off to grab his sword and attacked with a vengeance, haha! That kid is too silly!!)

Even though it was chilly and wet yesterday, we made sure to take a bunch of photos outside. And now I’m pleased to present to you, The Legend of Zelda in a nutshell:


The best part about our costumes is that, with the exception of my triforce, they’ll get worn all the time! Heck, Flynn practically hasn’t taken his off since his birthday. Even the Ganondorf hat will be getting a fair amount of use. (Gotta have a bad guy after all)