Life Lately


I am so tired. All. The. Time. Like, my brain is running in slow motion tired, and it takes me forever to conjure up the motivation to do a dang thing. It makes working.. interesting. I am towards the end of a crazy huge project, and I just want it to be done. It doesn’t seem like it ever will be! I’ve only got 10 more templates to get through though. (Out of 65..) Not that that means anything to you. Just trust me, it’s a big thing.

I have been feeling super blessed lately though. I have had LOTS of creative stress relief outlets. I recently sold a bunch of paintings: six 8.5×11, 14 mini, and two 5×7. I was also asked by Alida to paint her a mini portrait to use on her blog AND I have a secret project in the works that I’m hoping to announce soon. I’m slowly working my way through all of these commissions. (It’s a lot more fun than working my way through all those templates!) When I’m feeling down or stressed out, it’s so nice to be able to pick up my pencil and work on a sketch for a few minutes. Helps me to not pull all of my hair out.

One thought on “Life Lately

  1. Hmmmm… bald Crystalyn….that would be one less thing to worry about, no more bad hair days. You see these stressful situations have their own built in release mechanisms that keep things in check. As for the slow brain it’s probably a heating issue which is another reason you’re feeling the urge to get rid of the hair, this would help keep your body’s CPU cooler. You just need to listen to your instincts, your body knows what it needs. If you really want to keep the hair then maybe tonight I can use the drill to instal some extra vents behind your ears. I’m sure that would help.
    -Your Loving Husband