Instagram Paintings


Remember the other day when I mentioned a secret project? Well, here they are! Instagram paintings! I’m now offering two sizes in my shop, 4×4 (which these are) and a slightly bigger 6×6. These are super fun to paint because of the Instagram filters. It’s not often I get to paint someone’s hair blue!

I have been having fun working on a million paintings at the same time. Most of them are sketched, and I’ve started inking three of the 8.5×11 ones. It will be especially fun to have 14 minis on my desk at once. No more being annoyed that the paint isn’t drying fast enough, that’s for sure! I have five more of these Instagram paintings ready to paint, but I’ll have to wait until I finish all of my orders before I can work on them again.

I would say I’m planning on spending my entire weekend in the art room, but Shaun will be out of town all day tomorrow so I’ll probably just end up sitting around playing video games with the kids on my shiny new gold 3DS XL!!! I’m excited. Can you tell?