Paintings from 2013









I thought it would be fun to post every painting I did in 2013, and oh man! There are so many!! Last year was amazing and I’m so grateful for all of the opportunities I had to bust out my paints. I don’t think I’ve ever produced this many drawings in my whole life! It’s crazy to sit back and look at them all… (I just realized I haven’t even shared all of these. AND a few of them are surprises that haven’t been sent yet! Whoops! Good thing no one reads my blog, haha!)

I am working on 4 paintings right now from a little giveaway I did on Instagram. Well, I’ve started sketching them… With all the holidays and birthdays and sick days and root canals, I need to get on it and finish them up! This is the weekend it’s going to happen. If I don’t post 4 paintings on Monday, someone text me and kick me.

We’re FINALLY going to see The Hobbit tomorrow and I’m so excited! Also, I’ve got a birthday coupon for free frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf that I am SO using after the movie. Yum!

5 thoughts on “Paintings from 2013

  1. You are so amazingly talented, Crystalyn! I would like to eventually have a couple of these made for family as well. I’d love to give one to my Dad of him and my step Mom.

    • I loved The Hobbit! Usually I find it annoying when they break up books into more than 1 movie and add a bunch of random stuff, but I’m SO glad they went that route with The Hobbit because that just means there is MORE of it! The end drove me crazy though, can’t wait til next year!