29 Before 30


Last year I accomplished just a bit over 50% of my birthday goals. Which is kind of funny, because I honestly didn’t even look at the list after I wrote it up in January. I THINK I know where that paper ended up, but I’m not quite sure. This year I’m going to hang it on my bedroom mirror so I can at least remember it exists. (See my past years here: 26, 27, 28)

  1. Be in more photos
  2. Go for a walk (almost) everyday
  3. Bike 100 miles
  4. Craft more often WITH the kids
  5. Write in my journal 3 times a week
  6. Read at least 6 books
  7. Become a better photographer
  8. Catch up with my scrapbook
  9. Add 5 illustrations to my shop
  10. Finish our bathroom
  11. Repaint the main rooms
  12. Stick to my monthly budget
  13. Finish my Personal Progress
  14. Make a new friend
  15. Do a 5K
  16. Paint the bookshelves
  17. Work on my Hyrule map cross stitch
  18. Learn how to make pizza dough
  19. Fill up my sketchbook
  20. Send more surprise packages
  21. Use my vintage trim
  22. Successfully bake macarons
  23. Make something from each craft book
  24. Visit the temple more often
  25. Rebuild my genealogy notebook
  26. Finish reading ‘Jesus the Christ’
  27. Beat Metroid Prime
  28. Paint my craft room
  29. Fill the frames in the dining room

I think these birthday goals are fun to put together. I don’t take them very seriously, just some fun things I’d like to do this year. You know, when I have time to do fun things. I have been feeling so unmotivated to do ANYTHING today! I’m blaming yesterday’s root canal..

5 thoughts on “29 Before 30

  1. 100 miles ALL AT ONCE?! Or do you mean 100 miles total?

    Also, tip for the 5k: you should do an obstacle 5k! Then, it’s kind of like you don’t even have to run, because every time you start to get tired of running you get to stop and do an obstacle!

    • 100 miles total!! The most I’ve ever done at once was 16 and I couldn’t move for 2 days, haha!

      I was thinking a color run would be fun. Anything to distract me from the actual running part :) I’ll look into an obstacle one too! Those also sound fun.

  2. Love these! There are so many things I want to do….I really hope to accomplish them this year. Trying not to think TO much ahead because I will give myself a panic attack and worry…This is the year Gracie starts school and I am SO dreading it :-(