Warm Things


Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you *drumroll* the ugliest rice warmer bag things ever! (Seriously, what are these things called? Juniper just calls them “warm things”, I’ll go with that.) I have been meaning to sew the kids their own Warm Things so they’d stop stealing mine. We finally made them the other night, and I let them pick out the fabrics… Juniper picked the green ducky fabric. So Flynn picked the green ducky fabric. Then Juniper decided it HAD to have an ice cream heart. So Flynn’s HAD to have a heart too. See a pattern here? Haha!

Juniper helped me sew these together. Her favorite is cutting the threads with my tiny scissors. How cute is her little hand?! Pinkies out and everything, so very dainty. She’s very proud of her Warm Thing. Flynn calls them bean bags. An appropriate name. At bed time he told me he wanted to give me a “bean bag kiss”, which is basically just like a regular kiss only you say “BEAN BAG!” right after you do the kissin part. ADORABLE.

I also made a new cover for my old Warm Thing. I covered it with some awesome Star Wars fabric. It’s about time too, the old cover was covered in holes. I use mine all the time, mostly in the car. I live so close to the office that it’s almost pointless to try using the heat in my car. By the time it really kicks in, I’m already there! I can’t wait until Spring so I can start biking to work again.

One thought on “Warm Things

  1. Nothing ugly about these at all. I made these last year as Valentine’s Day gifts for Phoenix and Tyler’s classmates. I made about 50 of them in one day along with a little tag that said “You warm my heart Valentine!” They still use the ones I made for them every morning too. We call them hand warmers but I like your name too. :)