The Comedians



(Half asleep on Christmas Eve) “I hope Hoho gives me a bomb bag and a boomerang…”

He kept jumping off of things and yelling “HOOKAH!” and it took me foooooorever to realize he was saying “Hookshot”. Obviously.

“I want to go to sleep AND play with those.” (his blocks)
“Well, you can’t do both”
“Yeah. I’ll build a robot to play with those.”
“So.. you’re going to build a robot to play with your blocks while you sleep?”

He’ll climb in bed with us at 5am, snuggle up real close, put his hands on my cheeks and say “I love your cheeks Mommy. I love your nose. I love your hair. I love your ears. I love your eyes” (I LOVE IT)

He also REALLY likes my ears. Like, he just wants to kiss them all the time. Hah!


“I want to win a million times! Well. Three times. Or four. Or TEN!!!”

“But I ALWAYS wanted a taco machine!!”

“Mommy, you look famous today. That’s a new way of saying you look pretty.”

“My shadow’s name is Mr. Tinyhead.”

“So, why is Flynn wearing your dress??”
“Because we were play marrying practice boys and I thought Flynn would make a good girl.”

“I’m trying to win a badge of painting. That’s why I always paint when you are painting.”

(I’m sitting in the kitchen and I hear her yelling in the other room) “I WILL BE THE MOST HYRULE OF ALL AND I WILL BE THE TURTLE!!!!!”

“We’re done writing the letter now, how do you want to say goodbye?”
“In French.”

“I don’t like this…”
“That’s because you are supposed to take your clothes off BEFORE you put your pajamas on.”
“Oh. Right.”

“Mommy, do you like my practice costume? It’s called the BEST. MAGIC. PRINCESS. EVER.”

And my personal favorite.
My friend Jason posted a picture of himself wearing an R2D2 Mickey ears hat, and Juniper yelled “LOOK! A Dalek Mickey hat!!”