The Comedians

I started writing this post MONTHS ago. Hence the warm weather pictures… (I adore these photographs, by the way!) I need to start being more consistent with writing down the funny things these kids say. Because they crack me up on a daily basis and I want to remember as many tiny details as I can about them at this age. I might want to forget the epic meltdown a certain little boy had the other night……. But other than that, I want to remember it all!



“You wanna know something? Cotton candy is almost like hair, but INSIDE the hair… is candy. That’s why cotton candy is so good.”

“He punched me as hard as if I was really a real bad guy!”

Concerning mosquitoes:
“They just want to make babies!”
“They bite you to get your blood and then they go to the water and the blood turns into babies.”

“What else should we get from the store?”

While I was tracing her hand on paper:
“That tickles in the armpits of my fingers!”

“You can each go grab one bedtime book, hurry up.”
(15 minutes later, she yells from the other room)
“We’re taking a long time just like you wanted, right Mommy?”
“We’re taking a long time so you can have some peace and sit alone for a while.”

“We’re not having a conversation. We’re just talking.”

“I am good of reading!”

“You might think this is an ordinary airplane. But it’s not. It is a FLYING airplane.”

“You want to know why I want to build a big wall? So my brother can’t see my special secrets. Sometimes he touches my toys without asking. That’s why I wan to make my secrets secret.”

“Goodnight Juniper.”
“Goodnight Mommy, I’ll call you from jail!”
“Umm… ok.”

“Flynn, if you don’t listen to me, I’m going to send you to darkness. And then you’ll get eatened by a bear.”



We were counting. The next number was 9. Flynn’s guesses went from wrong to wronger:
“8? 7? 8? 7? 8? W?”

After asking Oma for a cookie, and her handing him a Fig Newton, he yelled “It’s not a cookie! It’s a Fig Newton!”

While lying in bed with a 102 fever:
“How are you feeling?”
“You’re not sick?”
“No, I’m good.”
“So you’re great then?”
“Yeah. Great.”

Juniper: “Flynn, if you knock over the cup it’s ok because there’s no water in it.”
Flynn: “Ok! I’ll go knock over the cup right now! (Runs out of the room and yells) I KNOCKED OVER THE CUP!”

“Flynn, come eat your dinner.”
“I’m not hungry. I’m only hungry on Mondays.”
“Today IS Monday.”
“I’m only hungry on Mondays that Daddy makes macaroni and cheese.”