My Little Pony Pouch

Look! A sewing project from this month that I can actually share! (As in, it’s not a Christmas gift for someone in my family, haha) Last week we had the coolest carolers ever. After singing (This song! I laughed SO hard. Loved it. And then this song. They are awesome.) their smallest daughter ran up…


Me Myself & I

This was my face when I saw Kristen’s Me Myself & I post. Has it really been a month already? Is Christmas really NEXT week? Is this YEAR seriously almost over already??? Where does the time go? 1. What was your favorite gift given to you as a child? My favorite gift as a child…


A Painting for Lia

I had my first watercolor commission last week! Or was it the week before last.. I lose track of these things. Either way, it’s in the mail now! This painting was done for my friend Lia. Thanks for letting me paint you and your brother, I hope your mom LOVES it.



The more I look at her tiny little face, the more grateful I am that I get to kiss it. It just breaks my heart that so many out there won’t be able to kiss their children anymore. I can’t even think of the words to express my feelings, but I know they are shared…


Juniper’s 4th Birthday Cake!

Yesterday was Juniper’s fourth birthday. I am so grateful that we were able to have such a fun weekend filled with friends and family. Even though she specifically said she did not want any ponies at her party (She told Oma it was because they would eat her cake!), I stuck them on her cake…


Juniper’s Birthday

Juniper is going to be turning 4 this weekend, and she is SO EXCITED. She has been making practice cakes from play dough for the past few weeks, and telling me all about the presents she is going to get. One day she started opening pretend letters from all of her friends telling her that…



I started this painting a couple of weeks ago and just got a chance to finish it up yesterday. This one was inspired by this post on Craftiness Is Not Optional. Seriously, how cute is Miss C’s little face? I was having a bit of trouble inking this one, I think it might be time…


My Awesome Necklace

Ok, a little back story. When we lived in Orlando, I was the secretary for our church’s group for young women. I seriously had THE best girls and I miss them SO MUCH. After a pretty hilarious email exchange with a man named Herb, they started calling me Sister Awesome and I’m not gonna lie,…


Alphabet Cards

I decided last night to make some of these cute cardboard letters as a Christmas gift for my niece. They are awesome because you just use old boxes and scraps of fabric. Both of which I have a TON of. They are a lot of work, but they really aren’t that bad. But by the…


Mini Self Portrait

Yesterday there was a little while where our servers were down, and when you work at a web based company, that makes working a little difficult. So instead of dusting off my cubicle or reorganizing my notebooks, I worked on a little sketch. This one is supposed to be a self portrait of sorts. What…