February Wrap Up

February seemed so long for such a little month. (Maybe it was that extra day thrown in there.) Between work, freelance stuff, and getting sick it’s a miracle that I got anything done! Well, I guess you could say I got a lot of stuff done. But my house would disagree.

I did manage to squeeze in a few creative projects (and a date!) but many of them are laying around half done. Some of the projects I managed to finish include a pretty floral dress for my Juniper, some escape proof pajamas for my niece, a couple of drawings, and a little hat that I will share as soon as the recipient gets it in the mail! (Wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise after all.)

365 Days Outside
Going outside has gotten a little easier now that the weather has been getting nicer. We still have our cold, windy days but the occasional warmer days have us so excited for spring. I love the days where the weather is beautiful because every one seems to be in a better mood, and I don’t find myself counting down the minutes until bedtime. (We all have those evenings I’m sure.)

March is exciting for two reasons. First, it will officially be spring! And second, a couple days after that is my Little Mr’s first birthday! It’s going to be a good month.

6 thoughts on “February Wrap Up

    • That's funny, MAKING that video made ME dizzy! I just need to make a robot-me that will take care of my responsibilities so I can play with the kids all day and make pretty stuff all day.

  1. Your video/picture makes me feel like we live in the wizarding world of Harry Potter!! (where photographs move…I don't think you've read Harry Potter, have you??) crazy!

    • Of course I've read Harry Potter! I read most of them before they were cool hahaha (Except the last 2, I just finally read them this past summer. Read both in 2 weeks!)

  2. Ahh!! I just noticed that I'm in your blog header!!! COOL! (can you tell I'm sleep deprived, too??)