365 Days Outside > 50-55

Day 50
Juniper and I took a walk to the lake down the street. I always love holding this sweet girl’s hand. The lake was pretty, and we had fun watching the river from the bridge. We saw a bunch of wild cats and of course had to bring home some sticks.

Day 51
Today’s outside adventure was special because it was just me and Shaun. Playing outside isn’t just for the kids! For our date we went for a hike at the park and played in the caves. I want to go back with the kids soon. (And I’ll remember to bring my camera…)

Day 52
Rainy days are always fun when you have a cute pair of Hello Kitty boots and an umbrella.

Day 53
How cute is that mini kite?? We got it at Michaels (along with a few ‘toys’ for mommy.) Flynn and I had so much fun watching Juniper run around the front yard with it. Today was SUPER windy. It was kind of ridiculous.

Day 54
Today could not have been more beautiful. We enjoyed the pretty weather in t-shirts, and Juniper didn’t even wear shoes. Dad and Juniper did some chalk drawing, we climb trees and did some gardening. Our flowers are really coming up!

Day 55
It had been pretty wet lately, so we went to see if our mini river was back. But it wasn’t, so we went searching for some water to play in. There was a perfect puddle in the front yard for a few paper boats. (Don’t you just want to kiss Mr. Flynn? I sure do!)

2 thoughts on “365 Days Outside > 50-55

  1. Did she take the back scratcher to the lake or find it there?
    I LOVE the Hello Kitty boots! You think they make them in my size?
    That butterfly kite is SO BEAUTIFUL! I think I'll be sneaking to Michaels. Eh?
    Yes. I want to kiss that adorable little face!

    • She said it was her wand and insisted we bring it along. Of course, as soon as she claimed that awesome stick she made me carry the "wand" haha

      Any excuse to go to Michaels, that's what I always say!