I am a slightly ridiculous amount of excited right now. See this cruddy webcam photo? Do you know what this means?? My hair is ALMOST long enough to stick it all up in a giant hair bow on top of my head! I finally feel like I’ve got some length and it makes me happy. Maybe too happy. Maybe I’m just too sleep deprived and if I actually got some sleep this wouldn’t be so exciting. Oh! And I just realized this drawing is in the background! (I really need to frame it.) The lovely Chelsey from The Paper Mama blog shared that drawing on her blog today. It’s been getting a lot of page views, which is always fun. I love that drawing. So if you found your way here from Chelsey’s blog, welcome! I’m glad you are here. (But it’s not helping my current state of over-excitedness.) Feel free to say hello.

Want to see how I managed to get my short hair to stay up? A reverse french braid! I’m surprised that idea actually worked out. Well, I’ve got to finish making dinner for a certain husband who is on his way home. (Yeah, we eat dinner at 11:30pm… The joys of late shifts.)