Creative Procrastination

I have been so busy lately with freelance work that I haven’t had any time to do anything creative, in a hands-on sense. Sometimes when I get too busy, my brain just shuts down and if I don’t stop and make something, I get a little crazy. So the other night, instead of finishing up the web forms I’ve been developing (Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?) I dropped everything and worked on this little embroidery project. And when I say little, I mean quite tiny! I love this embroidery hoop, I wish I had purchased more than one because I can’t find them anywhere.

I’m sure this technique is nothing new, but I thought I’d share anyway because it helped me a lot. I am definitely not a professional embroiderer. In fact, I’m quite awful at it. I like to say the wonky text and uneven stitches are my “style” because it makes me feel better! But at least this way the words are relatively straight.

Basically, you print your design on tracing paper and use it as a template for your stitching. When you are done it rips off pretty easily. I used a needle to remove any little pieces that got stuck. I probably should have chosen a solid fabric, because the text gets a little lost in the pattern. But I still like it and that is all that matters. It now lives near the mirror in my bedroom so I can always “Remember this, that very little is needed to make a happy life”.

One thought on “Creative Procrastination

  1. It's adorable! Thanks for the tracing paper idea.
    I have two hoops with stars in red gingham
    and I've been looking for an idea for a third hoop.
    I might just go with something like this.