A Hat for Baby Troy

If you remember last month I mentioned that my good friend was about to have a baby. Well, I think it’s funny because that VERY day she was in the hospital giving birth to the cutest little guy!

I made this little hat for Troy a couple of weeks ago out of a pair of corduroy pants, but I’ve been waiting to post about it until she got it in the mail. And then she sent me the absolute cutest pictures of him with it on! Gah I love babies, isn’t he adorable? The hat is enormous on him! Which is good, because it will fit him for more than a week. I love these pictures she took with one of daddy’s ties.

I even stitched his name on the inside brim so it’s more of a keepsake. I think that adds the sweetest little touch, even though you can’t see it when he is wearing it.

Congratulations again Julie! I am so excited to see you and your family this summer!!

2 thoughts on “A Hat for Baby Troy

  1. I love the hat!!! Troy loves it, too, and he's so excited he gets to wear it for more than a week (or is that me who is excited…?)