365 Days Outside > 56-59

Between being busy with work and a few sick days, this wasn’t the best week for us with our getting outside challenge. We are all finally starting to feel better and get back into our daily groove.

Day 56
Today we took a nice long walk, collecting sticks and playing with dirt along the way. One yard had lots of dirt clumps that would explode when you squeeze them. Who would have thought that dirt was so much fun!
365 Days Outside

Day 57
Before leaving for a visit with some friends, we spent a little while playing in the drive way. Juniper of course tried to fly her kite. (This was her “waiting for the wind”.) And Flynn entertained himself looking at the rocks.
365 Days Outside

Day 58
That mini kite has become an outdoor time staple! She almost never leaves the house without it. Today we played in the front yard while I waited for some visitors. (The top right picture is Juniper’s face when the school bus went by. She was very upset that it didn’t stop and let her on!)
365 Days Outside

Day 59
We enjoyed the cool sun shine today with a picnic lunch of corn, roasted cauliflower, strawberries, carrots and turkey with crackers. We bought some seeds today for our garden!
365 Days Outside

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