Happy Spring

I had forgotten how much I absolutely love spring. In fact, I’m not sure I ever even realized how much I adore this season. Sure, as a kid I always got excited when it started getting warmer again, but only because that meant it was almost summer. And back then, summer was definitely my favorite season for obvious reasons. (No school!) And living in Florida for so long, I had forgotten what it is like to watch the world come back to life. I didn’t realize how much I missed the changing seasons.

I love being outside. As far as I’m concerned it’s the best place in the whole world to be. Whenever I am feeling blue, I just have to go outside for a little while. I close my eyes and feel the wind and sunshine on my face, I look at all the new plants coming to life, I walk around bare foot in the grass, I watch the kids laughing and dancing in rain puddles. And suddenly the world seems so big, and my troubles seem so small. More often than I’d like, I still struggle with feeling sad for no reason. It can be so frustrating! But I am so thankful that I was inspired to do this 365 Days Outside project, because now I have a place that I can go to lift my spirits and feel more alive.

I hope you are enjoying this new season. I most definitely am.

2 thoughts on “Happy Spring

  1. Is this the tree you said you thought was an apple? I think apple tree blossoms are white. (maybe tinged with pink) This might be cherries. Then again, what do I know? *grin* I'm all with you on loving spring. Ahhh! Just feel the sun on your face (FINALLY!) and know that life is good.

    • Nah, this is a different one. The one I thought might be apple is similar, but with white flowers. I don't think it is though, or I might have noticed apples on it when we bought the house? Shaun says it might be though, and because there is only one tree the bees can't pollinate it or something.