I can’t remember the last time I had some free time to sit down and make something. Oh, there was that little embroidery project, but I can’t really say that I HAD time to do that one. I just blew off all my work that night! (And ended up staying up until 7am the next night to finish it because I’m awesome.) I’m missing my craft room though. I think I need to schedule an appointment. The annoying thing is, it’s kind of a mess in there right now. (Ok, so it’s always kind of a mess in there…) So first I need to spend an evening in there cleaning it up.

I’d really love to buy some new clay and do some sculpting. In fact, sitting here thinking about it, I just came up with a pretty awesome idea. And now I REALLY want to buy some new clay. This Apoxie Sculpt is definitely calling my name. Maybe once I get my craft room organized, I’ll treat myself and I’ll just write it off as creative therapy. Yeah. That sounds legit. Right?

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