I’ve always thought Toms were super cute shoes. And I like their mission to give shoes to children in need. (And One Day Without Shoes? Sounds like my kind of day! Whose joining me?) But it wasn’t until last night when I tried on Lindsay’s Toms while we were making mini shoes for her sock monkey, that I thought to myself “Man, I could totally dig getting a pair of these.” They’re comfy!

I honestly can’t pick a favorite either, there are way too many cute pairs. It’s a good thing I don’t have any extra money or I might just have to buy one of each. Although if I had to choose between these four, I’m thinking the green and purple ones would be it. If only they made those cute yellow cords in my size! How fun would it be to have matching shoes with Juniper? I bet she would get a kick out of that.

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven

Ok, I’m going to stop fantasizing about shoes I can’t afford and get back to my freelance work. This website I’m working on is so close to being done, which is good because the deadline is next Thursday.


6 thoughts on “Toms

  1. Ha, I have a post scheduled for today featuring some of those biminis! I love them. I love TOMS! I want some of the lace ones, though. Were you reading my mind?

    • That's funny! You're right, I must have been reading your mind. I want a pair so much, maybe I can convince someone to gift me some for Mother's Day :)

  2. It looks like you and Juniper could each have a pair of the gray with pink hearts.
    Of course, they ARE kind of blah. I do like the lace ones,
    but those polka dotted ones are SO COOL!
    *grin* I love slip on shoes – now that I'm too old to tie my laces.

    • Yeah, but they're just "blah" enough to go with pretty much any outfit :) Not that I'm concerned with matching of course! They would be cooler if the hearts were lots of different colors. (And I am the queen of slip on shoes haha)

  3. I also love Toms, but I'm not willing to part with that much dinero, even for a good cause (I'm going straight to hell), so I buy the knock offs. Soda has their version of Toms, you can google them to find the best prices. Or Rue 21 sells some for like $15. I have red corduroy ones! The Soda brand shoes are called "Object" or "Object-S" :)

    • Yeah I'm typically pretty darn cheap when it comes to shoes (or pretty much anything actually) but if I saw a pair of these at Goodwill for 5 bucks, they'd for sure come home with me! I am actually searching for a decent pair of slip on canvas flats for this summer. Mine are broken. :(